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No other security company in the state of California employs our unique and innovative community policing techniques to stop crime before it occurs at our client sites.  The minimum standard is not good enough when entrusted with your safety.  Security is not only our business... it is our passion.

We've been where you are. We know you need a security contractor who you can trust.

At Fidelis, we set the industry standard for security and investigative solutions.  Each contract we write is tailored specifically for our client in order to meet specific need, requirement and budget. 

  • Liability:  Our company maintains three times the state insurance requirements for our officers to ensure that you are protected against loss
  • Licenses:  Each of our highly qualified officers meets the licensing requirements as required by their specific job duties at a client site

What we do?

Total Security

Integrate your security solution with the latest technologies.

Total Peace of Mind

When you know you're safe and secure, you can rest easily.

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Total Protection

Your assets are important - make sure they're protected.


Captain Jim Black - USMC

OIF & OEF 2000 - 2014